Fees & Promotions

Private Fees

New Patient Consultation
New Patient Consultation (inc xrays) £75
Examination (including  X-rays)
Principal (David Bower) £65
Associates £65
Hygienist (Scale, polish, oral hygiene  instruction) £55
Single surface from £110
2-3 surfaces from £160
3 surfaces + from £210
Crowns and Bridges
All ceramic crown  from £650
Porcelain bonded to metal crown from £650
All metal/Gold crown from £550
Cast post  £170
Bridge (per tooth replaced) from £495
Root Canal Treatment
Incisor from £350
Pre Molar from £450
Molar from £550
Simple extraction  £90
Complex extraction from £135
Apicectomy Hourly rate
Surgical crown lengthening Hourly rate
Surgical implant placement (requires referral to specialist) Guide £1475
Implant supported crown £950
Inman Aligner (simple) from £1650 per arch
Inman Aligner (complex) from £1800 per arch
Partial Acrylic denture per arch from £400 per arch
Full Acrylic denture  £600 per arch
Chrome denture £750 per arch
Reline £120
Addition £100
Whitening  £325
Hard splint £150
Mouthguard from £90

NHS Fees

Band 1 £23.80
Band 2 £65.20
Band 3 £282.80


To see which treatments are included in which NHS treatment band, please visit the NHS website for more details at the link below. This will open a new browser window.