Dental Implants

Dental implants are an effective way of replacing missing teeth. They are the closest replacement we have to a natural tooth.

They are made of titanium which forms a reliable bond with the jaw bone known as osseointegration. Once placed into the jaw they act as new roots. These may then support crowns, bridges or dentures.

When considering implants it is important to have a detailed assessment of the whole mouth.  Any problems elsewhere need to be considered and included in a long term treatment plan.

David Bower has been using the Straumann  ITI dental implants system in Tunbridge Wells for over ten years.  Straumann is an established manufacturing and medical supply company from Switzerland. The research and development wing of Straumann is the ITI or international technical institute and is made up of specialists from around the world.  This combination allows us to provide high quality components along with the latest advances in dental implants.

Straumann Dental Implants

Caring for dental implants

Whilst in some respects implants are more durable than natural teeth they require ongoing maintenance to reduce the risk of failure. We recommend regular assessment by your dentist and ongoing advice from our hygienists.